Are Anti Bark Collars Cruel?

Author: Perfect Paws Team   Date Posted: 17 May 2018 

Anti Bark Collars definitely have a huge stigma on its name. There are many criticisms that you can find online and multitude of dog owners either agree or disgree with the use of bark collars. But hey… aren’t debates healthy? They open doors to possibilities and considerations that will help us become the best dog owner that we can be (without compromising our relationships with our neighbours).

We, the Perfect Paws Team, are individuals who are also parents to our dogs. After careful research and years of practice, we can confidently say that anti bark collars are NOT cruel. Our dogs are perfectly fine with their bark collars - we wouldn’t be recommending these, in the first place, if they are cruel...

Our team is truly committed in making sure that we have the safest and high quality anti bark collar for your dog. We review them personally before we conclude that they are ideal anti bark collars for different types of dogs. But the truth is...

The answer to this question depends on how well you know your dog.

First, you ought to know that your dog barks for various of reasons:

  • To play and communicate with other dogs
  • They’re afraid
  • Dealing with separation anxiety (missing you or your kids when you’re at work or at school)
  • They’re frustrated at something
  • Environmental factors such as trucks or your neigbour’s cat
  • They’re bored


Now… the kind of barking that we want to avoid is nuisance barking - your dog’s excessive barking may negatively impact your relationship to your neighbours who don’t have (or don’t understand) dogs. Seriously... we have people who came to us saying their neighbours threatened to kill their barking dogs. Some were joking and some were serious. Jeez!

So knowing your dog well plays a vital role in choosing the best anti bark collar - YES, there are many bark collars in the market of Australia - we got the top-of-the-line bark collars laid out for you... so you can choose the most ideal one for your unique dog.

Why do we say that you have to know your dog? Well… Since there are different types of anti bark collars, some may have a potential threat to a specific dog - this is where cruelty comes in. Right?

Some dogs may find a static anti bark collar painful but some dogs may just ignore each zap. Other dogs may get well trained with a citronella spray bark collar and some don’t even flinch. Some dogs get along with sound and vibration activated anti bark collars and others won’t even budge. These usually occur due to different factors such as:

  • Your dog’s age
  • Your dog’s size
  • Your dog’s breed
  • Your dog’s temperament or personality
  • The environment where your dog mostly stays


So what we’re trying to say is that cruelty happens if you get the wrong anti bark collar for your dog.

What are the different types of anti bark collars and how can I get the right one?

Compared to the previous decades, anti bark collars have evolved and developed tremendously. With much smart work and hard work, our trustworthy innovators have added amazing features that ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency in our anti bark collars. Thus, eliminating the “cruelty” tackled by nay-sayers.

  • Safety Shut-down Feature - so your dog won’t get over-stimulated.
  • Automatic Multi-level Stimulation - increases once your dog goes on a barking spree and resets back to the lowest level once the barking is controlled.
  • Dual-activation Sensors - this ensures your dog will not get corrected by wrong external factors.
  • Waterproof & Sturdy Design - ensures up to 98% success rate on controlling your dog’s nuisance barking SAFELY and effectively.
  • Training Guide - training is really important to effectively impose a positive behaviour on your dog using the anti bark collars. Also to make sure that you do not TOTALLY stop your dog from barking - sometimes, we need them to bark to warn us of certain danger.



  • Patience is a virtue. Really. In Order to acquire positive results, you gotta be patient and loving.
  • Treats save a life - one of the best training techniques is giving treats such as food, toys or playtime, verbal praises, and pats.
  • Do not let your dog wear the anti bark collar for more than 12 hours.
  • Always inspect your dog’s neck for possible rashes.
  • We highly recommend that you put the anti bark collar on your dog only when you are at work, away from home, and you need an automatic stimulant - anti bark collar - to control your dog’s nuisance barking.

So here are the different types of Anti Bark Collars - we hope that you get to choose the one that is safe and perfect for your unique dog:

Electric/Static Bark Collars are best for medium to large dogs who are real stubborn. We also offer Electric/Static Bark Collars that are waterproof and have rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Don’t worry! These bark collars are proven to be safe… and are designed with features that ensure your dog will not get zapped for the wrong reasons.

Most anti bark collars are actually designed with such features:

  • Activation through vibration
    • The stimulation/correction/distraction, to prevent your dog from barking excessively, is activated by the vibration through his vocal cords. This is ideal for dogs that bark and growl to people A LOT.
  • Activation through sound and vibration (Dual-Activation sensor)
    • The correction is delivered once the bark collar sensor detects your dog’s bark sound PLUS the vibration through his vocal cords. This is great if you have 2 or more dogs - another dog’s bark will not trigger the other dog’s correction.
  • Activation through sound
    • The distraction is activated once the bark collar sensor detects the sound of your dog’s bark. This is ideal for dogs that always howl or whine. However, it may get activated by other dogs’ bark - so we recommend this for solitary dogs.


Citronella Spray Bark Collars are best for tiny to medium sized dogs. Citronella is a kind of natural fragrance that can effectively distract dogs, we also recommend this type of collar to younger and senior dogs. This is also rated to match with dogs that have sensitive personalities - those easy startled but still responsive.

This type of collar also comes with the different and combined activation features: vibration, sound, and vibration and sound. We also have waterproof Citronella Spray Bark Collars that come with rechargeable and replaceable batteries.

Ultrasonic Bark Collars are best for tiny to medium sized dogs who are super sensitive but easy to train. An ultrasonic is a kind of sound that are inaudible to humans’ ears - this is perfect to distract your senior dogs as well. This type of bark collar comes with sound (bark) and vibration activation - through your dog’s vocal cords. This type of collar usually comes with replaceable, long-lasting batteries.

Vibration Bark Collars are best for tiny to large dogs. This is also perfect for your young and senior dogs who have sensitive temperaments. It comes with the sound and vibration activated sensor - your dog will only get vibrated (distracted from his barking) through the sound of his bark and the vibration of his vocal cords.

So do you need an Anti Bark Collar for your dog and you just wanna make sure it’s anti-cruelty?

We know you do! Check out our recommended options below and find the ideal bark collar that will perfectly suit your dog.

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