Invisible Dog Fence

Even the most docile of canines face danger outside their homes. For pet owners who prioritise safety and the overall look of their homes, invisible dog fencing is the right option for you.
The underground appearance helps avoid eyesores. In addition, the comprehensive DIY kits are straightforward to install. 
Dog owners everywhere can finally rest easy; Invisible Dog Fences are here to serve and protect.
How Does The Invisible Electric Fence for Dogs Work?
1) Boundary wiring, a transmitter and a receiver collar come with the kit. 
2) The boundary wire is installed underground, around the perimeter of the safe zone, giving it an "invisible appearance."
3) A transmitter is plugged in to identify the location of both the boundary wiring and the pet.
4) The transmitter sends a signal to the receiver collar worn by your pet.
5) Should your dog approach the wire, a warning signal is emitted. It sounds like a beep to alert your dog of danger.
6) If he/she proceeds beyond the boundary, a mild static correction is released to realign our furry friend's attention. 

Our Best Invisible Dog Fence: Pet Barrier Groundskeeper Invisible Dog Fence

The best-rated invisible dog fence is available for purchase on the Perfect Paws website!
The Pet Barrier Groundskeeper Invisible dog fence is an effective, high-quality invisible fencing kit ideal for dogs of all sizes.
Three crucial components are included in the kit; a transmitter, boundary wire and receiver collar. A signal is emitted from the fence transmitter to the boundary wire and receiver collar to understand the safe zone.
For further safety, the transmitter is wired using Green Earthing. This allows the power plug strong protection against lightning or power surge damage that could hurt your pup and render the equipment inoperable.
Collar fitting is critical, and Perfect Paws understands this. The fencing is compatible with a number of collars, including the Standard R12, Standard R12 mini, Premium R9 and Premium R7 mini. For purchase with the kit, two receiver collar options are available;
  • The Standard Collar: This comes with the kit, is completely waterproof and only needs battery replacement after two years. It offers five programmable levels to adjust based on your dog's demeanor.
  • The Premium Collar: Available for additional purchase, the Premium Collar offers eight programmable levels and a lifetime warranty. Perfect for larger dogs and more boisterous behavior.
Replacing parts can be a headache. However, the Pet Barrier Groundskeeper Invisible Dog Fence offers a three-year warranty. The warranty also covers lightning, power surge and dog chewing damage should any occur. 
Inside the kit is a surge protection power plug. The three-pronged plug earth out any unnecessary charges. This helps keep the charge regulated and constant. At the same time, allows for the warranty to hold strong.
The fencing kit includes a 100m boundary wire coated with HDPe. This allows it to endure high temperatures both in sunlight and underground with a lower likelihood for replacement. 
There are mechanisms in place to ensure overcorrection does not occur. This includes shutting down the collar if the dog sits on the boundary of the warning zone while listening to the warning tone and a safety shut down every fifteen seconds.
Being able to support more than one receiver collar allows multiple dogs to be trained at once. Ideal for pet owners with many furry friends. 
For pet owners looking for the best invisible dog fence on the market, your search ends here.

Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper Invisible Dog Fence

The Pet Barrier Ground Keeper Invisible Dog Fence is a reliable containment fence system for small to large dogs - keeping them safe inside the boundary through a harmless static

3 Year Warranty | 5 Programmable Levels | Waterproof

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