Wireless Dog Fences

Looking for a fencing option with minimal wiring and in-ground components without compromising safety? Wireless dog fence kits are a perfect option. 
The innovative, portable and handy fence system is ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

What is a Wireless Dog Fence?


Wireless Dog Fence Kits create a 'safe zone' for pets to play in without the expensive fences and buried wires. 
The kits consist of two key components, a receiver collar and a transmitter. 
At Perfect Paws, we offer the best wireless Dog Fence System; The PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence - PIF17-13478. 
The transmitter creates a safe zone 64m in diameter. Then, a signal is exchanged between the transmitter and receiver collar to locate the exact position of our dog.
Equipped with three built-in warning alarms (in the case of power loss, metal interference and transmission failure), pet owners can quickly jump into action should there be any issues or concerns.
Should our dog approach the safe zone boundary, a warning signal is released. When our lovely pets wander outside the designated 'safe zone,' the collar emits a safe and gentle static stimulation, which distracts our dogs and encourages them to return to their protected area.     
The PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence - PIF17-13478 offers five different stimulation levels, including a tone-only mode. This is ideal for training. 
Additionally, the static stimulation is limited to fifteen seconds should our furry friend get stuck within the boundary zone.
The receiver collar is built to maximize comfort and convenience. The collar is both waterproof and submersible. Two collar sizes are available for both small and large dogs with different temperaments:
  • The Standard Receiver Collar: Best suited for small dogs up to 25kgs
  • The Stubborn Receiver Collar: Best suited for large and more stubborn dogs
Both the transmitter and collar come with a three-year warranty period, installation guide, training manual and training flags.


Do You Need A Reliable Wireless Dog Fence in Australia?


When our pets embark on an escapade, this can be a very stressful time. Traditional fencing may not be the best option to keep your pet within safe boundaries.
Especially with smaller, cheekier breeds, it is common to find them digging under or finding a way through conventional fences. 
Wireless or Invisible fencing offers pet owners the most reliable and safest solution to pet safety and containment. 
For pet owners living in residential areas with strict measures around construction, wireless dog fences offer a simple and portable solution.
This helps minimize additional costs around safety measures while offering consistently strong protection.  
Additionally, erratic weather conditions are not uncommon in Australia. The reliable wireless dog fences are built to withstand the elements such as heat and water submersion should they occur.
Pet owners looking for a durable and versatile dog fence compatible with the varying landscape our country has to offer, look no further than the wireless dog fences offered by Perfect Paws. 


Why is the Wireless Dog Fence Best To Use When Travelling With Your Pet?

Wireless or Invisible Dog Fences are the perfect travel companion for your furry friend, no matter what the terrain.
The Plug and Play mechanism used by wireless fencing allows pet owners to simply pack the transmitter and turn it on to create a new 'safe zone' for their dog. The transmitter can be repositioned as needed for security on the go. 
As pet owners train their pets to understand how the fence works, new areas are no longer a risk.
The dog is familiar with the safety protocols in place and is likely to respond to both the warning tone and light static stimulation the same way he/she does at home.
This creates familiar territory within unfamiliar landscapes, perfect for easing your furry travel companion.

PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence - PIF17-13478

The PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence is an innovative, handy and portable dog fence system that is ideal for dog owners who love to travel with their dogs.

3 Year Warranty | 5 Static Stimulations | Waterproof

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