In-Ground Dog Fence Kits

The bigger the furry companion, the bigger the love and excitement. Though sometimes, the excitement can take the form of rough and rowdy behaviour. 
For pet owners with medium to large dogs, an in-ground pet fence is likely the best fit to keep your canine safe and protected.

What is an In-Ground Pet Fence?

An in-ground pet fence is ideal for pet owners with more temperamental dogs. The fencing works like a conventional dog fence system - with wiring and assembly components planted firmly into the ground visible to both pet and pet owner.
Unlike traditional fencing, the in-ground dog fence system runs electronically. Signals are sent both from the wire transmitter and the pet's collar.
A recommended alternative for pet owners with more stubborn furry family members, the ground dog fence system also works best with dogs weighing ten pounds or more.
Does this sound like what your pet needs? Perfect Paws offers three of the best in-ground invisible dog fences on the market.

How does an In-Ground Pet Fence work?

All in-ground pet fence kits supplied by Perfect Paws come with a remote transmitter, a receiver collar and dog fence wire. 
Depending on your choice, there are in-ground pet fence options for smaller dogs. Though we recommend invisible or wireless fencing based on dog breed and size. Keep in mind all kits come with a step by step training guide and installation manual.
The in-ground pet fence works by:
1) Installing the boundary wire around the designated safe area.
2) The wire connects to the remote transmitter.
3) The remote transmitter feeds an electronic signal between the component and the receiver collar worn by the dog.
4) The dog collar releases a warning or a beeping tone should your dog wander near the boundary wire of the designated safe zone.
5) Should the dog continue on his or her path to a dangerous area outside the fencing system, the collar releases a harmless but effective short static stimulation.
Depending on your choice of kit, varying lengths of wire and strengths of the correction output differ. 
We also offer options that alert pet owners should the wire be tampered with or broken for maximum safety.

Give Your Dog Room to Run...but Not Run Away

For pet owners looking for a top of the line products, Perfect Paws has the right in-ground dog fence system for you; the SportDOG Contain and Train Dog Fence System.
The fencing kit is ideal for medium to large dogs. The kit comes with an additional containment transmitter to enable the three modes supported;
Training mode: Signals are sent only between the collar and radio transmitter but not to the containment transmitter fitted to activate the wiring. This helps keep your dog safe while you train him/her.
Containment mode: This allows the signal communication between the containment transmitter and the receiver collar. This keeps the pet within the designated safe zone and offers corrective measures.
Containment and Remote Training mode: Signals are sent between all three devices ensuring both training and safety measures are active.
The SportDOG Contain and Train Dog Fence System is a combination of the In-Ground Fence (SDF-100A) and Remote Training (SD-425). 
The SDF-100A Dog Fence Transmitter offers seven levels of static stimulation to adjust and accommodate dogs of any size and demeanour.
The kit includes 300m of 20-gauge wiring that works well to fit an acre. However, coverage of up to 100 acres is possible with additional wire purchase.
The remote transmitter offers an instant switch between the 7 levels of low to medium stimulation with tone and vibration modes for training.
The remote transmitter is built to withstand the elements. It is entirely made of waterproof materials and submersible up to 25 feet, thanks to the DryTek technology. 
The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries reach full charge within two hours and can be used for between 50-70 hours after. 
Within the kit is a receiver collar with a radio signal range up to 450, allowing for a seamless training process. 
Finally the kit comes with an easy yet comprehensive step by step training guide (in both manual and DVD format) and installation guide. This covers all aspects around components and best methods for assembly and activation.
Keep in mind, the fencing can be used with multiple receiver collars to keep all our furry family members well protected.
To maintain your pet's overall safety and well-being, picking the proper fencing options is critical.
The SportDOG Contain and Train Dog Fence System should be at the top of your list because we consider this as the  best in ground invisible dog fence.


PetSafe Standard In-Ground Dog Fence – PIG19-15394

The PetSafe Standard In-Ground Dog Fence is one of the most affordable yet effective dog fences - best for small to large dogs. It keeps your dog safe and secure inside your property.

3 Year Warranty | 4 Programmable Levels | Lightweight

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13% OFF RRP $429.99
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PetSafe Stubborn Dog - In-Ground Fence System PRF-3004XW-20

The PetSafe Stubborn In-Ground Dog Fence is equipped with 4 adjustable correction levels to contain medium to large sized dogs that can be hard to train or naturally stubborn.

3 Year Warranty | Includes Tone-Only Mode | Wire Break Alarm

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10% OFF RRP $494.48
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SportDOG Contain And Train Dog Fence System

The SportDOG Containment Dog Fence has the capability to deliver radio signals from both dog fence transmitter and radio transmitter - ideal for large, stubborn breeds.

2 Year Warranty | Wire Break Alarm | Built-in Lightning Protection

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10% OFF RRP $779.36
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