Dog Fences for Small Dogs

We are well familiar with the struggle of keeping our smaller, more agile pets safe. The slippery critters are in the safe zone one minute and out of sight the next.
Creating safety measures to keep smaller dog breeds safe can be a simple task. Here is the Perfect Paws Guide to Protecting our Smaller Furry Friends;

Is It Safe To Use Fences for Small Dogs?

It is definitely safe to use fencing for smaller dogs. However, with a growing number of reasons for our pets to get startled and run, it is best to install preventative safety measures.
A hope for the best, but prepare for the worst attitude could save your pet from accidents, fatal injuries and even getting lost.
The technology to keep your pets safe can be customized to the size and temperament of your dog, with some ranges built specifically for our more petite canines. 

Benefits Of Fenced Yards For Small Dogs

Fenced yards offer a number of benefits to our furry friends:
1) Fenced yards allow dogs to get in more exercise.
2)Without the worry of running into unsafe zones, a fenced yard allows our dog to move freely within
a safe space, perfect for getting plenty of exercise.
3) Small dogs tend to spend more time indoors with the family. Nature calls can be a time-consuming journey, especially multiple times a day.
4) Fenced yards allow your pet to venture out for pee and poop breaks without risks and the need for pet owners to put on shoes and grab a leash.
5) Mental stimulation within the fenced yard takes the form of chasing squirrels, pursuing interesting smells and barking at pedestrians. Allowing pets to run as freely prevents them from getting bored and in turn, destructive behaviour. 
6) For canines with health issues or unstable temperaments, visiting the dog park may cause more problems than solved. Fenced yards offer a perfect solution; allowing the dog to go outside without the risks of social interactions (unless planned). 
7) Fenced yards can even help pets ward off criminals. Should an intruder be scaling the fence to enter the compound, even the smallest of dogs will bark up a storm. 
Introducing a fenced yard into your home is not only beneficial to your pet but acts as an added safety precaution for you, the pet owner. 

Brands We Offer At Perfect Paws 

At Perfect Paws, we have curated the best electric fence options for small dogs. Traditional fencing may encourage your dog to find ways underneath or through, but both the invisible and wireless pet fence options available allow for firm security and comfort. 

The Best Invisible Fence for Small Dogs - 

PetSafe Standard In-Ground Dog Fence - PIG19-15394

1) For pet owners installing a fence for the first time, this entry-level kit is simple to install and cost-effective while offering reliable and safe containment. 
2) The kit comes with three components; a transmitter, boundary wire and receiver collar.
3) Setting up requires the boundary wire creating a loop around the safe zone and to the transmitter.
4) If the dog approaches the boundary wire, a warning signal is emitted. Should the dog continue outside the safe zone, a safe static stimulation is released to encourage the dog to return.
5) The transmitter can be fitted into any standard outlet for ease of use and comes with a signal adjuster (increasing the dog’s security).
6) The boundary wire, when connected to the transmitter, sends a signal that also alerts you, the pet owner, should there be a break. This allows the owner to take swift action to prevent the dog from escaping the property. 
7) The PUL-275 Receiver Collar that comes with the kit offers 4 programmable levels for easy training and is completely waterproof.
8)The collar and transmitter come with a three-year warranty period.
9) A boundary wire of 150m is included in the kit and can be expanded up to 10 acres with additional wiring. 
10) The kit comes with an owners manual, installation guide and step by step training guide for thorough installation.
11) Best suited for small dogs under 34 kilos, this is an ideal transition for pet owners looking to understand and install electric dog fences without the teething issues.

The Best Wireless Pet Fence for Small Dogs - 

PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence - PIF17-13478

1) For pet owners looking for a portable and innovative fencing system without the buried wires and expensive components, this is the kit for you.
2) The system consists of two components; the transmitter and receiver collar. 
3) Once the transmitter is plugged into any standard wall outlet, a safe zone spanning 64m in diameter is established. 
4) A signal is sent from the transmitter to the receiver collar to identify the location of the dog.
5) Should the dog approach the boundaries of the safe zone, a warning tone is released from the collar. If the dog proceeds, a safe static stimulation is discharged to encourage the dog to return to the protected area.
6) The transmitter is also fitted with three different warning alarms to notify pet owners of power loss, metal interference and transmission failure.
7) The waterproof and rechargeable receiver collar offers five static stimulation levels and a tone-only mode best used for training purposes.
8) For small dogs weighing up to 25kgs, a standard receiver collar is the best option.
9) The kit comes with a three-year warranty period, installation guide and a training manual for swift implementation.

PetSafe Standard In-Ground Dog Fence – PIG19-15394

The PetSafe Standard In-Ground Dog Fence is one of the most affordable yet effective dog fences - best for small to large dogs. It keeps your dog safe and secure inside your property.

3 Year Warranty | 4 Programmable Levels | Lightweight

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PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence - PIF17-13478

The PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence is an innovative, handy and portable dog fence system that is ideal for dog owners who love to travel with their dogs.

3 Year Warranty | 5 Static Stimulations | Waterproof

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