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Anti Barking Dog Collar

The Anti Barking Dog Collar has a safety feature and sensitivity button to match with your dog's personality

Gradual Correction Level | 7 Sensitivity levels | Short Warning Tone | Replaceable Battery

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Canicalm Anti Dog Bark Collar

A dog training collar that controls your dog's nuisance barking and let them think and understand when they need to bark.

2 year Warranty | 2 Modes- Beep + Short | Neon Testing Bulb | WaterResistant

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Canicalm Excel Dog Bark Collar

A versatile bark collar that you can be sure that your dog will respond to the collar stimulation that will give you peace of mind.

2 year Warranty | 4 Modes of stimulation | Waterproof

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Canicalm First Dog Barking Collar

An anti-bark collar perfects for dog owners who wants to train their dog to regulate barking.

2 year Warranty | Activated by Vocal Cord Vibrations | Over correction safety shutdown

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Canicalm Sonic and Vibration Bark Collar

This bark collar is carefully made for small and sensitive dogs with barking issues.

2 Years Manufacturers Warranty | 3 Modes of Stimulation for Sensitive Dogs | Adjustable Bark Detection | Collar Stimulation Activated

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IKI 'Your Voice' Recorder Bark Collar

The one of a kind bark collar made for sensitive dogs and for owners who wants to train their dogs to stop barking with a voice command.

2 year Warranty | 3 Modes of Stimulation | With Audio Voice Command

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Pawever Pet Fur or Hair Remover

NEW pet fur remover designed to also remove lint - cleans clothes, upholstered furnitures, car seats, and even pillows

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Petrainer Anti Bark Collar - PET850

The Petrainer Bark Control Collar is waterproof and has a rechargeable battery plus its voice recognition feature ensures your dog's safety from over-correction

7 Adjustable Levels | Voice Recognition | Small & Lightweight | Waterproof

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PetSafe Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark House

The PetSafe Outdoor Anti Bark House is weatherproof & emits a harmless ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear to stop barking dogs next door

3 Year Warranty | Automatic Detection and Correction within 15metres | Weatherproof

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PetSafe® Ultrasonic Dog Bark Collar

The PetSafe Bark Collar is emitting a safe ultrasonic sound when your dog starts barking. It is water resistant and built very lightweight for small dogs

3 Year PetSafe Warranty | No Programming Needed | Compact & 28g Only

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PetSafe® Vibration Bark Collar - VBC-10

PetSafe Best Vibration Bark Collar delivers 10 levels of Vibration to adapt to your dog's personality & the Perfect Bark™ Tech brings effective bark control.

3 Years Warranty | 10 Combinations of Vibration | Perfect Bark™ Technology

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