Bark Collars


How do I Stop my Dog From Barking?

Stopping a dog from unnecessary barking is not a one day job. Leaving Nuisance barking untrained would be a big headache when the time comes so preventing that to happen is better than treating it.

  • It needs lots of care, love and training the dog.

  • Using proper training materials and training procedures you will see good results.

  • Start training them at a young age it will be easier for them to learn and stick to their training.

Why Does my Dog Bark? - Stop Nuisance Dog Barking

Barking is a type of communication for dogs and it means a lot of things.

  • Greeting

  • Alarm

  • Fear Joy

  • Loneliness

Most common than not, nuisance barking is caused by:

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Attention seeking

How to Find the Best bark Collar for your Dog?

Dogs necessities in training vary, it depends on their:

  • Size

  • Age

  • Environment

  • Personality

  • Temperament

There are many types of bark collars in the market and you maybe overwhelmed when choosing the which bark collar would be perfect for your dog.

What are the Different types of Bark Collars?

We cater 4 different Categories of bark collars namely:

  • Electric / Static

  • Citronella Spray

  • Ulrasonic

  • Vibration

We at The Perfect Paws offer good quality anti bark collar for tiny dogs up to extra large dogs.
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Anti Barking Dog Collar

The Anti Barking Dog Collar has a safety feature and sensitivity button to match with your dog's personality

Gradual Correction Level | 7 Sensitivity levels | Short Warning Tone | Replaceable Battery

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40% OFF RRP $75.00

Canicalm Anti Dog Bark Collar

A dog training collar that controls your dog's nuisance barking and let them think and understand when they need to bark.

2 year Warranty | 2 Modes- Beep + Short | Neon Testing Bulb | WaterResistant

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12% OFF RRP $159.00

Canicalm Excel Dog Bark Collar

A versatile bark collar that you can be sure that your dog will respond to the collar stimulation that will give you peace of mind.

2 year Warranty | 4 Modes of stimulation | Waterproof

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13% OFF RRP $179.00

Canicalm First Dog Barking Collar

An anti-bark collar perfects for dog owners who wants to train their dog to regulate barking.

2 year Warranty | Activated by Vocal Cord Vibrations | Over correction safety shutdown

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9% OFF RRP $149.00

Canicalm Sonic and Vibration Bark Collar

This bark collar is carefully made for small and sensitive dogs with barking issues.

2 Years Manufacturers Warranty | 3 Modes of Stimulation for Sensitive Dogs | Adjustable Bark Detection | Collar Stimulation Activated

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11% OFF RRP $97.00

IKI 'Your Voice' Recorder Bark Collar

The one of a kind bark collar made for sensitive dogs and for owners who wants to train their dogs to stop barking with a voice command.

2 year Warranty | 3 Modes of Stimulation | With Audio Voice Command

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10% OFF RRP $117.00

Pawever Pet Fur or Hair Remover

NEW pet fur remover designed to also remove lint - cleans clothes, upholstered furnitures, car seats, and even pillows

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Petrainer Anti Bark Collar - PET850

The Petrainer Bark Control Collar is waterproof and has a rechargeable battery plus its voice recognition feature ensures your dog's safety from over-correction

7 Adjustable Levels | Voice Recognition | Small & Lightweight | Waterproof

Not yet rated
27% OFF RRP $120.00

PetSafe Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark House

The PetSafe Outdoor Anti Bark House is weatherproof & emits a harmless ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear to stop barking dogs next door

3 Year Warranty | Automatic Detection and Correction within 15metres | Weatherproof

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10% OFF RRP $148.99

PetSafe® Ultrasonic Dog Bark Collar

The PetSafe Bark Collar is emitting a safe ultrasonic sound when your dog starts barking. It is water resistant and built very lightweight for small dogs

3 Year PetSafe Warranty | No Programming Needed | Compact & 28g Only

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10% OFF RRP $89.99

PetSafe® Vibration Bark Collar - VBC-10

PetSafe Best Vibration Bark Collar delivers 10 levels of Vibration to adapt to your dog's personality & the Perfect Bark™ Tech brings effective bark control.

3 Years Warranty | 10 Combinations of Vibration | Perfect Bark™ Technology

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10% OFF RRP $89.99