About Us

Perfect Paws is here to back you up with your pets’ needs.

Our pets are part of our daily routine and they are members of the family. Here in Perfect Paws, we know that a responsible and loving pet owner or pet-parent like you... would like to provide the best support for your pets or fur-kids.

So we make things easier for you with our quality products - we personally reviewed them before putting them up in this virtual store. Imagine this website as your super-easy-to-access store which is open 24/7! We also provide a 7-day helpline if you need assistance with our services such as setting up your pet’s fence or making sure that your pet’s training collar is working.

The Barking and Escaping Dogs Problem

Have you tried fetching your pet from the pound and spent a painful amount of money?

Have you mourned for a lost pet who was unable to return from escaping your fence?

How about bringing your pet to the vet due to the injuries of an escaping drama?

Have you been visited by the shire people because your neighbours can’t tolerate your dog’s nuisance barking?

Perfect Paws has been partnering with a team of professionals who have been solving this barking and escaping dogs problem in Australia for over 30 years now. We have a success rate of 95%. Yes, believe it or not. Now, we have grown from providing dog fences and bark control services… to accommodating the diverse needs of your pets.

Quality Products and Services

We value the relationship that we have with you as our partners. We do not just treat you as our customers - we see you as people like us who want to get the best care and support for our pets.

So here in Perfect Paws, we abide with certain core values to make sure that we achieve our goal - provide quality products and best services.

We put our customers’ pets first - we have a 7-day help line to assist you on certain things that you may need; training your pet effectively, making sure your pet is safe with the products you purchased, and so on.

We do the right thing - we make sure that this super-easy-to-access virtual store is packed with quality products. How do we do it? We review them. We give recommendations. Our prices are comparatively smart with our products’ features and benefits. Also, we make sure that your information and privacy are protected, especially on financial matters.

We grow as a team - Perfect Paws is comprised with skilled and pet-loving individuals who are here to provide your pets with quality products... AND meet your expectation to acquire the best service. We always work on our goals with helping-hands and with a SMILE. :)

We have real and easy-to-deal-with people who will be able to respond to your enquiries, and you can reach us through email and by phone. You can also connect with us through other means such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. Check out our posts!

We serve the community - when you purchase our products and use our services, a valuable amount will proceed to animal rescue shelters. For now, we allocate $1 from every order of over $50 to Animal Rescue. Now… you may think that buying from us is an ordinary act BUT we consider it as something noble. Seriously.

Join us on building a safe and comfortable world for your pets and those who are in need - let’s back them up!

Paw-ing on you,

My Pets Perfect Paws Team